Ganesh Yoga Girl

Mindfulness as a way to live.. I am often asked if that means that you never get angry anymore, or you become a doormat; allowing others to "tell you" what to do or how to be. Another common question- is Mindfulness meditation? Being Mindful is literally paying attention. We can pay attention to everything; the way we feel, sensations in our bodies, how we breathe, how we walk, talk, eat. How we brush our teeth, or even how we turn a doorknob. When we start to pay attention, everything slows down. when we slow down, we can start to be in control. When we are in control, we can decide how we want to be. We are no longer in reaction mode. When we have the space to pay attention and then act within our own control, we tend to be more compassionate, aware, have less stress, anxiety and depression and we start to experience less regret and experience more time is spent in ease. Sure, meditation can be a way to practice mindfulness, but it is really the larger umbrella that all of our other practices and ways of being fall under. Ultimately, when we are at ease, we are happier and are able to experience more joy. When we change our vibration by being more joyous, we attract that same joy and ease into all aspects of our lives. Yes, it is a practice, yes it is a lifestyle should you embrace it, and yes, everyone can do it!